What I Want || All-Star Break 2020: Cabo

The holidays are over and it’s still cold, it snows almost every day and I can’t keep my mind off of a tropical vacation. I keep debating about taking the boys down south to Arizona for a weekend but our schedule isn’t allowing it. Valentine’s Day is coming up but what I have my mind really is All-Star Break. All-Star Break is our version of Spring Break. The All-Star game happens during the weekend and there are a few days after to relax and if you aren’t participating in All-Star Weekend (skills challenge, 3-point contest, the game) than you get a few more days with your family.

When I say relax, what I really mean is to not have practice. These poor guys don’t actually get time off. Michael may take 1-2 days off but no matter where he is, he will find time to workout and condition.

This year we are headed to Cabo without the kids! Last year for All-Star Break Michael participated in the skills contest then we headed to Miami. We brought a babysitter to help so Michael and I could actually relax and go out to eat but it was still exhausting. When we are present our kids want us so even though we had the sitter I was still putting the kids to bed. We also could hear them get up in the middle of the night and they would want us. So this year they are going to the grandparents house and will have a ball and so will we!

I realized all my spring/summer clothes are in Ohio. I brought them home over the summer from Memphis and didn’t pack them for Utah. I hate buying things that I don’t need but this time I really do need things because I don’t have any here! Below you can see What I Want for break this year.cabo parking list
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At the end of the NBA season last year we went to to Cabo  and it was my first time there. We loved it so much we are going back.

I am all about the brights, florals and pastels for vacation. Even this animal print bathing suit is calling name (link for top and bottoms). The crab clutch is a splurge so I’m not sure if I’ll get it but its sooooo cute and I am a Cancer after all! The other bag options are perfect beach bags and also perfect as an everyday tote for the spring and summer. I love the print of this one and I love that the material on the ombre one is neoprene. Loose fitting casual dresses are my go-to for beach vacations, this ombre purple dress just looks so comfortable and this floral button up doubles as a dress and bathing suit coverup! I love all things ombre and this matching set will be the perfect travel outfit. I have had my eye on this Missoni turban for a very long time and it’s now 65% off!! I’m getting so excited!

Live votre rêve!



What I Want || Summer 2019

Another season, another “What I Want” post. Just thinking about summer makes me squeal with excitement. Technically it isn’t until mid-June but I like to officially start things Memorial weekend which happens to be this weekend! Memorial Day kind of snuck up on me but I’m not mad about it! I have my eye on a few things for this summer. Some fun thins for me and a few things for the boys.

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Let’s start with things for the boys. It has been one year since having two children and I still do not have a double stroller! I have a double jogging stroller which I love but I have to take the wheels off to fit it in my trunk (it’s super easy to take them off but just an extra step). When Noah was first born Myles was only 21 months and wasn’t interested in sitting, EVER. So I got him a board to ride on and he loved that, it worked great for the zoo and trip around the mall and I used my jogging stroller for runs and long walks around the neighborhood. This summer we have a beach vacation and a trip to Disney on our calendars and I’m going to need a double stroller. I have heard great things about this Joovy stroller from my friend with twins and the reviews seem great! If you are in the market for a single light weight stroller I highly recommend this one. It folds up so tiny it can fit under the seat in front of you on a flight! I took it to Disney when I was pregnant with Noah and just had Myles and it was so easy to maneuver and lift.

A couple fun summer toys for the kids is this bubble machine that works really well. We have an electric machine that blows the bubble out from the side which is ok but this one blows them up and is much for fun for the kids. Don’t forget to buy a lot of extra bubbles! Some how I stumbled upon this teeter totter and I think it is a great idea. It doens’t seem to take up much space and is perfect to have in the grass. Another thing to have in the grass in this pop up playard. I actually bought it when Myles was a baby but never used it. Now with two kids and a pool I need this! If I need to run inside or take Myles to go potty I can leave Noah in the playard for a minute.

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Now lets talk about what I want for myself. Trends are fun to try but somtimes become a little too trendy. The past couple of years I have had the hardest time finding a pair of sandals or wedges because I feel like everyone is wearing the same style. I finally found a pair of sandals that I want to purchase. These sandals are neutral and will go with everything and have a small platform without being too over the top, plus they are under $100!  Another example is shells and all the jewelry it’s on which I still like and so does everyone else. Something with shells I haven’t seen is a headband and I love this one! We all know neon is trending and its bright hue can be a little intimidating, these neon pink hoops a perfect introduction to the neon trend.

In the summer I enjoy layering dainty jewelry like these bracelets. I also love this coin necklace which is a little longer than my current necklaces and will go with my summer tops that have a lower neckline. The reason I want this light pink shirt is because the print is a cross between tie-dye and animal- both trendy and I have a pair of light pink pants that I think will match perfectly.

As far as summer beauty goes I don’t do much. I don’t do much with my hair or my skin. I like to wear a light tinted moisturizer with SPF. In the summer I rarely blowout my hair due to the humidity and hot weather. Styling my hair curly can be unpredictable. I need a good product to tame frizz and moisturize and I’ve heard good things about this one!

What do you want for summer?

Live votre rêve!


What I Want || Anthropologie Sale

There is so much hype about the Nordstrom Sale and it’s early access. Well, I don’t have early access and last time everything I wanted sold out by the time I had access to it. I will be checking the sales out though because there are some great deals and it’s a great excuse to shop! We all love sales and I was in Anthropologie the other day and bought a few things from their sale section and wanted a lot more. I looked online and there are even more adorable items so I decided to put my top Anthropologie sale items together for you!

I purchased this hat (2) and I love it but since it was on sale I feel like there is something wrong with it that i’m unaware of. I also saw this kimono (1) but didn’t realize how cute it was until seeing it on the model online, now I want to go back and get it. I feel like it would be a great breezy item to toss on over a bathing suit. I also got these hair clips (3) and this beautiful dress (4). This dress may not be the most flattering but the tiedye is subtle and that material is really nice, plus it has pockets! This tan bag comes in black and has a removable clutch, the black one I saw in person and thought about getting but I actually like this tan one better and might order it online. Speaking of bags, are you guys over the rattan bag trend? I currently don’t own one bag because every other person has one but I do think they are great for summer and a cross body, like this one (10), allows you to be hands free. I saw this fun dress (11) in the store too but they only had a large. I might have to order it online because I love how it looks on the model and feel I should own it. I also treated myself to this keychain (12) because I don’t have a keychain at the moment and its kinda fun to dress up your keys.

Anthropologie Sale
anthropologie sale items
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