What’s In My Beach Bag

As the weeks goes on my beach bag gets filled with more and more sand but what remains the same are my essentials. I got this beach bag earlier this spring for my trip to Cabo and it’s still in tact! I love that it has a crossbody strap and a handle and there is a zipper pocket on the inside, perfect for my phone.

I wear SPF daily but when I’m on the beach outside for hours on end I need to reapply often, for me and the kids. Since my beach bag could easy weigh a ton with everything I want to bring I do my best to make it as light as possible. I pack the smaller bottles of sunscreen in my bag for reapplying and save the larger bottle for our first application at the house. The tanning body oil isn’t necessary since it has been so hot and sunny but I like to have it for the overcast days when I feel like I need a little extra sunshine. This summer I have been using the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel suncreen and I highly recommend it! It feels great when it’s applied and has the perfect light summer smell.

If I were to have forgotten my sunglasses I would have been in huge trouble. There really is a difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses and splurging on classic shades is a must for me. I have been loving this book Becoming Michelle Obama. Michael got it for me for Mother’s Day and I had been saving it for this trip. Michelle Obama is such an inspiring women. Each chapter I read I feel I want to somehow do better in this world.

The one thing I did forget to bring this trip was my water bottle. I can’t go to the beach without staying hydrated so I have been refilling my SmartWater bottle which isn’t ideal but it does the job. Havaianas have been my ideal choice for flip-flops since my high school days, they are so comfortable and come in every color possible. A fun thing about this beach is that I don’t bring a cover-up. We walk from the house to beach with our bag, kids, chair and we are ready to go!

A few kid things I can’t forget to mention are diapers and wipes. I mentioned before how heavy my bag can get so I have taken a handful of wipes and put them in a ZipLoc bag and tossed that in my bag, it weighs nothing. I also pack an extra swim diaper and regular diaper just in case! Thank goodness I haven’t needed to use any of it yet.

We have been coming to this beach for almost 20 years and I’m looking forward to the years ahead.

Live votre rêve!